HAPPY HOLIDAYS and Well Wishes To All


Happy Holidays to You and Your Family, Friends and Associates!

Hello Everyone,
I want to thank you for being a part of my network here. I’m still building the website and is also building another from another domain.
Visit there when you can. It is www.delightfulhealthychoicesforyou.com I welcome you! That website is very different in that it will hit issues that no one would think to writing about.
I want to wish you the best holidays for the season and I want to thank you again for all you have done to support my blogs, ebay stores, and other products I sell.
Now  is a good time to support all of the places you have respect and know will help other people. St. Jude Hospital, The Carter Foundation, NAN organization, Red Cross, are some of the organizations I contribute to. That includes the Salvation Army-Do look for that red bucket.
I volunteered for the Women’s Shelter some years ago. I  sometime stop something by for the children. Find out where their donation centers are. I don’t think you can just drop by like I did. Things have changed as far as security.
But the greatest contribution should be to your family and it don’t need to be money. Giving of your Time, Knowledge, and Caring
is a very special gift all of its own.
I am full support of people adopting a family who could use your assistance. It could be a senior as well. Many people just need someone to talk to. Hang out at McDonalds and you will find many seniors who meet-up with others just to socialize some even play bingos and dominos. I believe that is great! I met a group such as that last week. I went in to use the bathroom, when on the way out I passed 2 elderly men and ended up staying for an hour talking about many things. You can learn a lot from the elderly, from which I’m heading to that bracket. Age is just a number. What is amazing is that health problems is a main topic for the elderly and I am much at comfort to listen because of my nursing background. I can listen all day and believe it or not, many people are so informed about their illness, I’m so impressed. Yes, we are a much informed society.
Because so many people, both black and white, have been so good to me and have helped me excel in my life, I try to give back as much as I can to others who are not fortunate or is down on their luck.
I am a grassroots person, who is able to think and act independently and love having my own identity. I wish the same for you. To be free as a person who know who you are and to be free to explore, create and reach others to share in the goodness of your heart and soul.
Peace and Love!   Happy Holidays!!
Thelma Harcum

Dreams Are A Special Gift

YOUR DREAM, YOUR SPECIAL GIFT Hello Everyone, If you are dreaming, know that it is a special gift that is all yours. No one can control the dream, not even you. If you are dreaming,  I don’t believe it is true sleep, as you are active in the story of the dream. How often do … Continue reading Dreams Are A Special Gift →

Source: Dreams Are A Special Gift

The Future Of America

Cousinzeke / Pixabay

Hello Readers,

Like you,  I too have been wondering what is the future of America. It seem that we still have a lot of problems, but at least we got our footings to press forward and to have breathing room that would allow it.
President Obama speech last night really explained the depth of what occurred in this election from several points of view.
The disappointment in his face really showed his concern about this election.
This election was like no other and I’m sure we have not seen the last of it.
The country is split right down the middle and not in a very good way.
Many of the people I talk to think it’s an attack against their race and culture. Many think it’s all about the money. Yes, money and business. We are human beings. With climate change occurring all around us, we will truly need each other in some way down the road if not now. The road will surely get rocky.
From what I see, there must be some reason that all of this has occurred.
I know that there is a God, but we are the people-his people. We are the people who’ve kept this country moving forward. So let’s keep striving for what is good for all people everywhere and to help those who are down to look up.
We the people can keep America strong if we all work together-no matter what party you belong to.
Tolerance starts at home. Though we all have different personalities, cultures, races, and so on, there is no reason we can’t understand one another and to stand together as a strong America.
There’s a lot of work to do to insure the rights and justice for all, and it starts each day, each hour, each minute and each second. It starts now!
In the future, there will rise again a great person, like President Obama, who saved us from a depression, who have the intelligence to run this country and to improve international relationships-and more likely kept many hospitals open by giving the people the option of getting some type of medical insurance over not having none.  Hopefully the Obama Care stay and be much improved.  I believe the people are paying too much co-pay as it is.

I’m wondering how Canada do it with everyone having medical care. I want to see the template for that program.  France and England also offer free medical care or universal medical care with everyone contributing something.
Yes, there are people who are tearing down their country and we are trying to save those people as well.  The killing have just got to stop!
I remember a few years ago, I had a friend who ask what can she do about some of the
American problems, and my response to her was to take care of your very own family so that others won’t have to. Only you have your love ones best interest at heart-most of the time.
Hitler persuaded a whole country to murder a group of people and with no conscious. You don’t want to be a part of that history. History repeats when we have not learned from the first time. Let the goodness of life enter you heart and everything else will be in place.
Love begets more love,
Hate begets, more Hate,

by, Thelma Harcum

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Why Hillary Clinton Lost The Election and Why Donald Trump Won The Election

PeteLinforth / Pixabay

What Happened in the 2016 Presidential Election?

Why did Hillary Clinton Lose and Trump Won?

Hello Readers,

Just when you thought that things are calming down from a Presidential election that shock many Americans and Countries around the World, I’m opening up a discussion on this site to have you join on this subject. This is not exactly the site I want to present this forum, however, why not. You just can’t get away from it.
I’m thinking of writing about the subject as a documentation of the event and it’s aftermath in some type of publication, and so I hope you will add something to it as of your opinion.Thelma Harcum from Willingboro, New Jersey wrote on November 29, 2016 at 9:40 am:
Congratulation Hillary!You won the Majority Vote, so now lets get rid of the Electoial College so that you can Be President as you were meant to be!
Four years will go by fast if we can’t get you in NOW!
I would like President Obama to recall the whole election and to throw out the Electoial College in this process so that we can have a president for all the people, which is in the rim of how you believe. Waiting for you. . . . in 2020.
Don’t ever give up. Trump won’t last too long in Washington. His own party really don’t like or want him in their Republican party. Otherwise, it is the people who will determine if he should be impeached or stay. This was the dirtiest Presidential campaign ever with Trump being the master of manipulation and deceit; This is a sign of a very sick person. Many people I’m sure don’t understand how a person could win presidency with a majority electoral vote.
Most people can’t even explain it (electoral college) to others even when they know what it is. So educating the public on this inclusion is important but more important than this is to eliminate the Electoral College. Thank you for all you have done for America and Internationally on the rights of women, children and the community as a whole. Let not your heart be troubled. God is in control and perhaps there is a reason for all of this. Enjoy your family and Beautiful Grand-baby. You have paid your dues to the American Society already. Perhaps this is time for you to relax and let us all see what happens. Thank you, Thank you!!!
There’s a learning experience from all of this. Especially, when they say that a large portion of women voted for Trump of all nationalities and of all races.
Was it all about the Electoral College that really prevented Hillary from winning? Or would you say that people in many parts of the country was just unhappy with parts of the Obama Administration policies on Obama Care or  not seeing an improvement in their lives in general.
Personally, I believe it was for many reasons and surely to God the Electoral College didn’t help
Hillary Clinton.  Even the Republicans are shock that Trump won and asyou can see, they are working hard to get their cabinet together.
What do you think happened? Do you think the country is as divided as we are made to believe?
What do you think?
Please comment and if I use your comment,  you will anonymous in name unless you want to use your real name; whereby, I would ask you permission.

Please respond:  A recording of History of the 2016 Presidential Election
I am surely a fan of the Mother Jones Publications. Review this link to read the latest events of the election and post-election. http://www.motherjones.com/media/2016/11/trump-media-fail

by Thelma Harcum
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Why Women Are Better Multitaskers Than Men

The Joy of Exercise
OmarMedinaFilms / Pixabay

We live in a 24/7 connected culture that enables us to commute to work, read a book, and pay the bills on our smartphones, all at the same time. This ability to manage multiple things, set priorities, and adapt to changing conditions may come easier to women than men. A recent study in Human Physiology found… Continue reading Why Women Are Better Multitaskers Than Men

More US Children Are Contracting Superbug Infections

Drug-resistant infections are on the rise in the United States, and according to a new report, they are hitting children the hardest. This finding is especially troubling because children have immature immune systems that can’t fight infections as well as adults. A new study has found increasing rates of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in samples from pediatric patients.… Continue reading More US Children Are Contracting Superbug Infections

Uneven Skin Tone Solutions


Have you wondered why you don’t have the fresh wake-up look you would love to have?   Well a lot of it could be that you have uneven facial skin tones.  It can be a natural process of aging (melanin pigment increases), a change in the weather, medications, and some underlying condition you might not be aware of.   Always consult your doctor about any sudden skin changes.  From there, he will consult a Dermatologist.

You might wonder why I’m writing this  particular article.  Well, I look at it this way, that the clearer your skin is,  the less makeup you need to wear.  None of us have perfect skin. Not even the Mona Lisa.  As an artist, I know you are not going to find a person with one solid tone of skin color-and if you do, you are in the mist of a dead person-and. . ..that could be bit scary.  So take a good look at yourself and find out what area of your face you want to improve.   On the other hand, there are cosmetics you can use in just those areas to cover up while working on a resolution.   Do remember, that the body is not suppose to be just one color.

You might want to not only look at your skin care routines, but to look at your diet and  your digestive systems.

Your skin is a breathing  organism that excretes and absorbs.  While the liver break down toxins,  some of the excretion is through our skin.

A good  exfoliator  can be  helpful, but not everyday.  Just a basic washing of your skin do remove a lot of shedding skin and oils.  We still need some oils on the skin to soften and to nourish the skin.

Over washing your face can be harmful to your skin.

A few of the tips I would suggest to improve uneven skin tones:

  1. Use a good astringent. Witch Hazel is one that is not as abrasive as some of the others that have more alcohol content.
  2.  Coconut Butter  used in small spreads is great.  It is a natural product that won’t harm you skin.   Do be patient and record your results in a week. You will see an improvement.
  3. Facial mask made with simple oatmeal, honey and water paste can also help to even the tone of your skin and also refine pores.
  4.  Observed if you are being regular with your bowel movement (BM).  Some people say you should be have BM every day, while others say every other day.  Make sure your diet have plenty of fiber with natural foods that you would eat any day. As you get older, or have gone through an illness, your digestive system might slow down.
  5.  Exercise to promote cardio-vascular systems can aid in having healthy skin and rid the body of toxins that is building internally as well as externally
  6.  Water. Drinking  sufficient amount of water is important for the whole body.

There are many other reasons why your skin is blotchy or uneven.  One other reason could be your medications.  Read everything about the medicines you take to not only know the side effects, but to know how it affect the skin.

Know that you are not alone with any skin or health problems.  There is always someone in worst condition than you. But you can always improve on what you have.
So, if you have uneven skin tones, know that you can improve this condition, but do look for a workable solution that you can easily maintain without spending too much money.  And. . . when one area of your face is a problem, up your game and concentrate on another area of your body such as your lips, eyes and even your hair.  You are the author of your body and you can direct this play they way you want it.

Document your success and your failures in reducing  uneven skin tones, but give it time to work.

by Thelma Harcum

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Mylan agrees to pay $465M in EpiPen settlement

Mylan Pharmaceuticals on Friday said it has agreed to pay $465 million to settle claims it short-changed taxpayers by classifying its popular EpiPen as a generic instead of a brand-name product – a move that allowed it to pay smaller rebates to states under Medicaid. The company did not admit any wrongdoing in the settlement with… Continue reading Mylan agrees to pay $465M in EpiPen settlement

8 Vitamins That Naturally Balance Hormone Levels During Menopause

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