Donate To My Niece Overseas Study/She’s Brilliant

Source: Donate To My Niece Overseas Study/She’s Brilliant

Due to the Grant Michelle was to get to travel overseas, the travel fund was cut and now she is hoping you can help her to with her flight expense. I donated $200.00 myself to help her.  Michelle is a great person as well as an excelling academically.  She has a beautiful personality and is compassionate to others who are in need.  She was born a miracle baby after her mom had many, many, many miscarriages.

Lets support Michelle and let her study in Scotland be a memorable experience.

Thank you for your support. You will be recognized. Also, if you donate, you can get a free ad here on my site for 2 months.  Let me know you did, by contacting me at:

Any amount is fine and very much appreciated!  Michelle will do great things in her life. Lets help her get there!

Michelle is my niece.   Her father is my  youngest  brother and her mother is  a very, very talented person  who is crafty, a great cook and is active in church.

Thank you again!

Thelma Harcum

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