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Breathing Easier

Oxygen is what give life to all of our organs and can affect how you live your life and how you respond to it.

It is now pollen season and many people with other respiratory problems are feeling it. That is, having difficulty breathing or congestion.

You must be on top of your respiratory condition at all times . I am a nurse when I’m not doing other creative things, I specialize is respiratory  nursing. However, I’m only a nurse, not a Pulmonary Md.  So you should consult your doctor for your respiratory conditions.  I happened to be able to manage my own problems for now.  I am extremely allergic to albuterol ( it causes me tachycardia ) and really hate taking medications unless it’s a vitamin.

I have seasonal asthma but when the pollen season come, it seems to trigger my  asthma condition.  However, that is not what’s happening to me. I believe what I caught was a type of cold that hardly seem like a cold but the symptoms was there for a few days. Afterwards the asthma kicked in and I started taking my Primatene on a regular basis of at least 3 doses of 2 tablets a day. And then the pollen season kicked in.  Oh no, where are my allergy meds.  Now, I’m on them too, and they work!

That seem to be working for now, but what I find out is that there is increase secretions after eating where I believe a little reflux could be  occurring. Sometimes you don’t realize you are having reflux.  But if you find yourself coughing right  after eating, you could be having reflux. You might want to eat foods that don’t create so much mucous.   Check the color of your secretions, If you see bubbles, it’s coming from your lungs more likely.  If it is colored with what you might have eaten or drank, it’s  coming from your stomach.  

The one most important thing you should do at this time is to drink water after eating and to drink water all during the day and maintain your balanced meals.

The other thing that is a priority in all you do is to read the side affects and report to your doctor any recent diagnosis and adverse affects of your medication.

Many people don’t read the directions clearly and might not be getting the therapeutic affects of their medication. Advair,  for one, you are suppose to rinse your mouth afterwards with water. 

Breathing comfort is necessary for your total well being. I just wanted to bring these viewpoints to you because, it is necessary to take seriously your treatment and insights on breathing with ease.

Research and ask questions for what you need to know. Write down and keep a record of all the medicines and treatments you are on and to note what’s working and what’s not working for you. 

Keep your doctor aware if you happen to find that you are allergic to something so that they have it on their record. If you were not able to speak for yourself, at least if your doctor have all the information,  he or she can give the correct information.  Please don’t hide information. It could mean your life.  let those you’re close to like family members know a little about what you are going through.  Share family medical history because that could be your history, too and not even know it. 

Now go out and have the best day and don’t let the pollen season get you down. Like anything, its a fight to keep strong and healthy all the way around. Keep a positive mind and wake up with the fight to do battle in being in the best health possible. Double up on what it takes to be healthy. Take walks even if for a short period, breath deeply-from the diaphragm-and do all you can to keep up with chores in the home, paying bills, and maintaining a stress-free period in your life. Use the laws of distraction to not make seasonal allergies a focus point in your life. Continue reading Breathing Easier

The Future Of America

Cousinzeke / Pixabay

Hello Readers,

Like you,  I too have been wondering what is the future of America. It seem that we still have a lot of problems, but at least we got our footings to press forward and to have breathing room that would allow it.
President Obama speech last night really explained the depth of what occurred in this election from several points of view.
The disappointment in his face really showed his concern about this election.
This election was like no other and I’m sure we have not seen the last of it.
The country is split right down the middle and not in a very good way.
Many of the people I talk to think it’s an attack against their race and culture. Many think it’s all about the money. Yes, money and business. We are human beings. With climate change occurring all around us, we will truly need each other in some way down the road if not now. The road will surely get rocky.
From what I see, there must be some reason that all of this has occurred.
I know that there is a God, but we are the people-his people. We are the people who’ve kept this country moving forward. So let’s keep striving for what is good for all people everywhere and to help those who are down to look up.
We the people can keep America strong if we all work together-no matter what party you belong to.
Tolerance starts at home. Though we all have different personalities, cultures, races, and so on, there is no reason we can’t understand one another and to stand together as a strong America.
There’s a lot of work to do to insure the rights and justice for all, and it starts each day, each hour, each minute and each second. It starts now!
In the future, there will rise again a great person, like President Obama, who saved us from a depression, who have the intelligence to run this country and to improve international relationships-and more likely kept many hospitals open by giving the people the option of getting some type of medical insurance over not having none.  Hopefully the Obama Care stay and be much improved.  I believe the people are paying too much co-pay as it is.

I’m wondering how Canada do it with everyone having medical care. I want to see the template for that program.  France and England also offer free medical care or universal medical care with everyone contributing something.
Yes, there are people who are tearing down their country and we are trying to save those people as well.  The killing have just got to stop!
I remember a few years ago, I had a friend who ask what can she do about some of the
American problems, and my response to her was to take care of your very own family so that others won’t have to. Only you have your love ones best interest at heart-most of the time.
Hitler persuaded a whole country to murder a group of people and with no conscious. You don’t want to be a part of that history. History repeats when we have not learned from the first time. Let the goodness of life enter you heart and everything else will be in place.
Love begets more love,
Hate begets, more Hate,

by, Thelma Harcum

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Hello world!


Welcome to my new site called “Cosmetic Delights For You”.
I will be offering beauty products as well as other beauty products within this niche.

I will be selling mostly brand name products you might have used or know of.
Some of the products I will be selling are skin care, cosmetic, and other beauty accessories.

I will write articles on beauty and health subjects of interest to both men and women.

You can be all you can be and feel good about yourself by exploring products that will enhance your natural beauty.

Taking care with yourself important. Skin care is the basic start of looking and feeling good.
Positive thoughts are very important to start to make changes in your life, no matter what it is.

I am looking forward to building a lovely cosmetic site. I will be starting with a few products at a time. I will be buying wholesale where I can offer you great affordable prices.

I presently sell on eBay and to friends and family. I use most all of the products myself and enjoy offering great products to you!

I enjoy using the mineral cosmetics that’s so popular today. It great to get away from the oily cosmetics and let your skin breathe.

There is so much on the market today to choose from, that it’s great to get feedback from the buyers when I’m purchasing products from the wholesalers.

Looking forward to building a friendly and Exciting cosmetic site.
It will take a few days to build. So if you are visiting today, do come back soon as I will be adding more content and cosmetic products.
Welcome to Cosmetic Delights For You!

by, Thelma Harcum

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