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Scam Alerts in Relationship Romance

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Hello Readers,

I hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying the summer!

I want to bring up the issue of scammers who are out there to take your money and your heart.

I will dedicate the next 5 weeks to this matter.

  • I’ve encounter this experience in the last  2 weeks and was able to survive and learn about this industry! Verification of this person as an Army Medical Doctor working for the United Nations checks out in the negative-as calls were made directly to the UN.  Yes, it’s a business (romance scams) and in a big way!  It’s global at this point!  I will write about the areas  of where a lot of this is going on outside of Ghana and Nigeria.

The number one thing you don’t do is  to,  not  give them your money, bank account number and other personal information.  And don’t tell secrets for them to use against you later for extortion money.

There are all kinds of scammers,  such as relationship, travel, business, senior, scammers and more.  Some  scammers are also looking for teens, and young people just stepping into life to explore the world,  looking for friendships and relationships-some looking for an escape from home or in a bad home life.

If you are presented to be a part of a relationship or romance with someone on social media,  be on the alert.   They love  sending you to Skype because they think they can control the conversation and move the relationship they way they want. (The person will not turn on the camcorder is another red flag of many.)  When you ask too many questions, they go negative on you and want to know “why are you harsh to me” ; something like that. Don’t let that scare you. (you know now that this is a part of the scheme)  Then they want to get back to the love boat  mood.their comfort zone) Don’t let them change subject. You continue  to  ask your question.  I have never used Skype, and for some reason and with my communication experience, I was able to take control of the conversation and kick butt while doing it; and kick him the hell out of my life!

They operate fast and the relationship is escalated at a speed that will shock even you.  Sooner or later, the person will have a need for money or find ways for which you can send money.  If you get into that situation, just say you don’t send anyone money and why would you want a person who have nothing to offer you and should have  his or her own money.

These people work as a team and have a scripts (scripted letters, words, love expressions list) of love that is of a poetic nature, such as “I want you to be in my life forever”, ” I have sleepless nights thinking about you”,  “I love you forever” and more!)  Mind you , you have not even laid your eyes on that person and they will not allow you to see then in person because they have listed a fake picture on their profile;  they are  a scam.

They will right away divert your communication from the social media site they saw you on to their own e-mail site so as to get control of you and your mind/heart!

Sooner or later, an emergency will come up and  he or she needs money!  That’s when you come in. To be manipulated to send them money. Just don’t.  If you smell a hint of them wanting you to send them money, get it straight right away, you just don’t do such things with someone you don’t know.  They will go away faster if you put that out there in the beginning,  because their main goal is to extort money from you or to use secrets they ask of you against you.  So don’t tell all your business with a stranger.

I will write more about this in the next writing.   This industry of scamming is an education for me and I hope you learn on your own that it is a very dangerous one. There’s much psychology in how they play you.

Remember,  pictures they send you can be   and altered in all sorts of ways.

Guard your children against stranger approaching them on-line and social media. Monitor their sites; be inquisitive!  You could save their lives or at least to prevent the emotional pain involved.

Report any forms of extortion and unusual event to the social media consumer or support department and to the FBI.  From what I hear of, unsuspecting men and women have had horrible experiences, losing thousands of dollars to a con artist.  You can be smart, but these people are ruthless and know how to find their prey and go for the kill.  They look for those who are vulnerable in some way or off guard.  People who have been scammed are doctors, lawyers, nurses, professors, teachers; as you see, even professional people have been scammed, big time.

So,  monitor your emotions and don’t let someone tell you what you don’t need-a Problem!  LOVE YOURSELF FIRST AND YOU WILL SURVIVE AN ATTACK BY A SCAMMER!

We can stop scammers by knowing how they operate and sharing the information with others.   WHAT EVER YOU DO, DON’T GIVE THEM ANY MONEY AND THEY WILL DISAPPEAR!

I am one of the lucky ones, but let’s hope my next article is not “Murder She Wrote”.

Let’s keep in mind, that men can be scammed just as big time! And so I balance the article because  there are some real witches and bitches out there that prey on vulnerable men. (Only, men don’t talk about it to anyone  or is embarrassed to admit to what has happened to them,  where women seem to want to get revenge, more. )

Feel free to leave a comment of your thoughts and experience with scammers.

In God I trust!

by Thelma Harcum

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