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HAPPY HOLIDAYS and Well Wishes To All


Happy Holidays to You and Your Family, Friends and Associates!

Hello Everyone,
I want to thank you for being a part of my network here. I’m still building the website and is also building another from another domain.
Visit there when you can. It is I welcome you! That website is very different in that it will hit issues that no one would think to writing about.
I want to wish you the best holidays for the season and I want to thank you again for all you have done to support my blogs, ebay stores, and other products I sell.
Now  is a good time to support all of the places you have respect and know will help other people. St. Jude Hospital, The Carter Foundation, NAN organization, Red Cross, are some of the organizations I contribute to. That includes the Salvation Army-Do look for that red bucket.
I volunteered for the Women’s Shelter some years ago. I  sometime stop something by for the children. Find out where their donation centers are. I don’t think you can just drop by like I did. Things have changed as far as security.
But the greatest contribution should be to your family and it don’t need to be money. Giving of your Time, Knowledge, and Caring
is a very special gift all of its own.
I am full support of people adopting a family who could use your assistance. It could be a senior as well. Many people just need someone to talk to. Hang out at McDonalds and you will find many seniors who meet-up with others just to socialize some even play bingos and dominos. I believe that is great! I met a group such as that last week. I went in to use the bathroom, when on the way out I passed 2 elderly men and ended up staying for an hour talking about many things. You can learn a lot from the elderly, from which I’m heading to that bracket. Age is just a number. What is amazing is that health problems is a main topic for the elderly and I am much at comfort to listen because of my nursing background. I can listen all day and believe it or not, many people are so informed about their illness, I’m so impressed. Yes, we are a much informed society.
Because so many people, both black and white, have been so good to me and have helped me excel in my life, I try to give back as much as I can to others who are not fortunate or is down on their luck.
I am a grassroots person, who is able to think and act independently and love having my own identity. I wish the same for you. To be free as a person who know who you are and to be free to explore, create and reach others to share in the goodness of your heart and soul.
Peace and Love!   Happy Holidays!!
Thelma Harcum