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Donate To My Niece Overseas Study/She’s Brilliant

Source: Donate To My Niece Overseas Study/She’s Brilliant

Due to the Grant Michelle was to get to travel overseas, the travel fund was cut and now she is hoping you can help her to with her flight expense. I donated $200.00 myself to help her.  Michelle is a great person as well as an excelling academically.  She has a beautiful personality and is compassionate to others who are in need.  She was born a miracle baby after her mom had many, many, many miscarriages.

Lets support Michelle and let her study in Scotland be a memorable experience.

Thank you for your support. You will be recognized. Also, if you donate, you can get a free ad here on my site for 2 months.  Let me know you did, by contacting me at:

Any amount is fine and very much appreciated!  Michelle will do great things in her life. Lets help her get there!

Michelle is my niece.   Her father is my  youngest  brother and her mother is  a very, very talented person  who is crafty, a great cook and is active in church.

Thank you again!

Thelma Harcum

Receive a Free Art Print for Your Donation of Granddaughter and Team Junior Olympics




A Beautiful Fish by Nia Holden

Donations for Sports Event for Team -Junior Olympics!

Fundraising for Team Track and Field Events.


Greetings to All!

You can support the efforts of my granddaughter and her team in the next Junior Olympics.

My granddaughter  participates in Track and Field and has qualified for the Junior Olympics as she do every year. She will be running the 200, 400 and 800 meter race.

Her last event was for her high school, Highland High School in New Jersey,   at the Penn Relays. She is 15 years old and excels in academics,  art and most sports.

My granddaughters, an artist, will send you a  print of her newest drawing on 8 x 11 photo paper of the “Beautiful Fish” which is also on my gallery at Fine Art America/thelmaharcum.  For some reason, there is a problem of me downloading the picture here. You will see the picture at:  Fine Art America/thelmaharcum

Your donation will assist is paying for hotel, food, transportation for her team, Trinity.

*You can send PayPal  donations to:

Send what you can afford as it will be much appreciated.

A donation of $10 will assist in mailing you copy of print art of “The Beautiful Fish”

Thank you in advance for any donation you send. I will list all supporters on this blog.

The event starts at the end of July into the week of August in Michigan.

I myself will be supporting  my granddaughter, but there is much need for support all year around for the group.

Again, you can send donations to my PayPal account:   ID-

or you can go to this link:

Paypal is a safe way for you of donating funds.

Any funds collected will be distributed to the whole team!

Thank you in advance for your donation!!

Thelma Harcum, Fundraising with integrity

Any questions, contact me at:

Scam Alerts in Relationship Romance

annca / Pixabay


Hello Readers,

I hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying the summer!

I want to bring up the issue of scammers who are out there to take your money and your heart.

I will dedicate the next 5 weeks to this matter.

  • I’ve encounter this experience in the last  2 weeks and was able to survive and learn about this industry! Verification of this person as an Army Medical Doctor working for the United Nations checks out in the negative-as calls were made directly to the UN.  Yes, it’s a business (romance scams) and in a big way!  It’s global at this point!  I will write about the areas  of where a lot of this is going on outside of Ghana and Nigeria.

The number one thing you don’t do is  to,  not  give them your money, bank account number and other personal information.  And don’t tell secrets for them to use against you later for extortion money.

There are all kinds of scammers,  such as relationship, travel, business, senior, scammers and more.  Some  scammers are also looking for teens, and young people just stepping into life to explore the world,  looking for friendships and relationships-some looking for an escape from home or in a bad home life.

If you are presented to be a part of a relationship or romance with someone on social media,  be on the alert.   They love  sending you to Skype because they think they can control the conversation and move the relationship they way they want. (The person will not turn on the camcorder is another red flag of many.)  When you ask too many questions, they go negative on you and want to know “why are you harsh to me” ; something like that. Don’t let that scare you. (you know now that this is a part of the scheme)  Then they want to get back to the love boat  mood.their comfort zone) Don’t let them change subject. You continue  to  ask your question.  I have never used Skype, and for some reason and with my communication experience, I was able to take control of the conversation and kick butt while doing it; and kick him the hell out of my life!

They operate fast and the relationship is escalated at a speed that will shock even you.  Sooner or later, the person will have a need for money or find ways for which you can send money.  If you get into that situation, just say you don’t send anyone money and why would you want a person who have nothing to offer you and should have  his or her own money.

These people work as a team and have a scripts (scripted letters, words, love expressions list) of love that is of a poetic nature, such as “I want you to be in my life forever”, ” I have sleepless nights thinking about you”,  “I love you forever” and more!)  Mind you , you have not even laid your eyes on that person and they will not allow you to see then in person because they have listed a fake picture on their profile;  they are  a scam.

They will right away divert your communication from the social media site they saw you on to their own e-mail site so as to get control of you and your mind/heart!

Sooner or later, an emergency will come up and  he or she needs money!  That’s when you come in. To be manipulated to send them money. Just don’t.  If you smell a hint of them wanting you to send them money, get it straight right away, you just don’t do such things with someone you don’t know.  They will go away faster if you put that out there in the beginning,  because their main goal is to extort money from you or to use secrets they ask of you against you.  So don’t tell all your business with a stranger.

I will write more about this in the next writing.   This industry of scamming is an education for me and I hope you learn on your own that it is a very dangerous one. There’s much psychology in how they play you.

Remember,  pictures they send you can be   and altered in all sorts of ways.

Guard your children against stranger approaching them on-line and social media. Monitor their sites; be inquisitive!  You could save their lives or at least to prevent the emotional pain involved.

Report any forms of extortion and unusual event to the social media consumer or support department and to the FBI.  From what I hear of, unsuspecting men and women have had horrible experiences, losing thousands of dollars to a con artist.  You can be smart, but these people are ruthless and know how to find their prey and go for the kill.  They look for those who are vulnerable in some way or off guard.  People who have been scammed are doctors, lawyers, nurses, professors, teachers; as you see, even professional people have been scammed, big time.

So,  monitor your emotions and don’t let someone tell you what you don’t need-a Problem!  LOVE YOURSELF FIRST AND YOU WILL SURVIVE AN ATTACK BY A SCAMMER!

We can stop scammers by knowing how they operate and sharing the information with others.   WHAT EVER YOU DO, DON’T GIVE THEM ANY MONEY AND THEY WILL DISAPPEAR!

I am one of the lucky ones, but let’s hope my next article is not “Murder She Wrote”.

Let’s keep in mind, that men can be scammed just as big time! And so I balance the article because  there are some real witches and bitches out there that prey on vulnerable men. (Only, men don’t talk about it to anyone  or is embarrassed to admit to what has happened to them,  where women seem to want to get revenge, more. )

Feel free to leave a comment of your thoughts and experience with scammers.

In God I trust!

by Thelma Harcum

Short bio: Artist, Musician, Nurse, Writer, Crafting,etc.

Special interest: Science, Consumerism, Environmentalist, Family, Health etc.



Breathing Easier

Oxygen is what give life to all of our organs and can affect how you live your life and how you respond to it.

It is now pollen season and many people with other respiratory problems are feeling it. That is, having difficulty breathing or congestion.

You must be on top of your respiratory condition at all times . I am a nurse when I’m not doing other creative things, I specialize is respiratory  nursing. However, I’m only a nurse, not a Pulmonary Md.  So you should consult your doctor for your respiratory conditions.  I happened to be able to manage my own problems for now.  I am extremely allergic to albuterol ( it causes me tachycardia ) and really hate taking medications unless it’s a vitamin.

I have seasonal asthma but when the pollen season come, it seems to trigger my  asthma condition.  However, that is not what’s happening to me. I believe what I caught was a type of cold that hardly seem like a cold but the symptoms was there for a few days. Afterwards the asthma kicked in and I started taking my Primatene on a regular basis of at least 3 doses of 2 tablets a day. And then the pollen season kicked in.  Oh no, where are my allergy meds.  Now, I’m on them too, and they work!

That seem to be working for now, but what I find out is that there is increase secretions after eating where I believe a little reflux could be  occurring. Sometimes you don’t realize you are having reflux.  But if you find yourself coughing right  after eating, you could be having reflux. You might want to eat foods that don’t create so much mucous.   Check the color of your secretions, If you see bubbles, it’s coming from your lungs more likely.  If it is colored with what you might have eaten or drank, it’s  coming from your stomach.  

The one most important thing you should do at this time is to drink water after eating and to drink water all during the day and maintain your balanced meals.

The other thing that is a priority in all you do is to read the side affects and report to your doctor any recent diagnosis and adverse affects of your medication.

Many people don’t read the directions clearly and might not be getting the therapeutic affects of their medication. Advair,  for one, you are suppose to rinse your mouth afterwards with water. 

Breathing comfort is necessary for your total well being. I just wanted to bring these viewpoints to you because, it is necessary to take seriously your treatment and insights on breathing with ease.

Research and ask questions for what you need to know. Write down and keep a record of all the medicines and treatments you are on and to note what’s working and what’s not working for you. 

Keep your doctor aware if you happen to find that you are allergic to something so that they have it on their record. If you were not able to speak for yourself, at least if your doctor have all the information,  he or she can give the correct information.  Please don’t hide information. It could mean your life.  let those you’re close to like family members know a little about what you are going through.  Share family medical history because that could be your history, too and not even know it. 

Now go out and have the best day and don’t let the pollen season get you down. Like anything, its a fight to keep strong and healthy all the way around. Keep a positive mind and wake up with the fight to do battle in being in the best health possible. Double up on what it takes to be healthy. Take walks even if for a short period, breath deeply-from the diaphragm-and do all you can to keep up with chores in the home, paying bills, and maintaining a stress-free period in your life. Use the laws of distraction to not make seasonal allergies a focus point in your life. Continue reading Breathing Easier

China Blasts CIA after Wikileaks Extent of Agency’s Hacking Abilities

China blasts CIA after WikiLeaks reveals extent of agency’s hacking abilities

WikiLeaks’ publication of documents detailing the CIA’s vast hacking prowess prompted a rebuke from China’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday over concerns surrounding the security risks caused by the agency’s ability to crack the world’s most widely-used electronic devices. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said he was concerned when at asked at a press conference Thursday… Continue reading China Blasts CIA after Wikileaks Extent of Agency’s Hacking Abilities