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Hello Readers,

I would like to welcome you into my world of art. I started out as a student in a watercolor class just to learn something about art. Alice Steer Wilson was my first art Teacher at the Perkins Academy of Arts.
I couldn’t even draw a straight line but wanted to be able to do something, as I had wanted to illustrate some of my children’s short stories.
In my childhood, I never knew what I could do in my life because of the dynamics of being the oldest of 13 children. My education was incomplete, though I did well in most of my studies.  There came a time I lost or was disconnected with what I had learned and had to start over. How and why that happened, I’ll never know. But there are reasons.  When I went into nursing, I found that that was what took over my life and that my main focus was that and that I had lost touch with the rest of the world as far as literature and the study and understanding of English. There are other reasons for the lost. Missing so many days of school to stay home and care for children was the other reason. Surely, that was the main reason. Not so much a memory problem, but a confusion problem of what is. Children who have the summer off from school always need a refresher review of where they left off from the past year to go forward. However, if you were never there on a consistent basis, you can’t go backward to go forward. You’re kind of in limbo.
MY life could truly be a movie as there was the logical thinking of doing what I needed to do to make up for the lost.
What if your life was a blank and the only thing you knew was your name. Well it wasn’t that  bad, but close.
A writing course helped me to get back what I had lost. The study of music help me  learn more about the music world and creating my own. I’ve always have been interested in songwriting,     but as I studied music, I was able to appreciate it more. My last  music studies was at Temple University where I studied Piano Jazz Technique with a wonderful professor named, Honorable Curtis Harmon.  I have 2 albums out. “Let’s Dance” and “Love Songs Explosion”.   Listen to the soundbite at
Why am I telling you this when I want to show you my art. Well, it is to inspire you to do what you need to do for yourself and to explore everything that interest you. You can never learn too much.
Being a nurse, musician, and artist are the major accomplishments in my life. I am able to share what I know with my family and
many other people I know. It is all about education and the willingness step out of your comfort zone and explore other avenues and ideas. Today, you can learn to do almost anything with the internet. You tube is one of my favorites.
This is the link to my art gallery at Fine Art America. It is a wonderful site for artist and non-artist to be a part of.  You will meet many other talented  artist there. I’ve made friends with several  of them and we share other interest as well.

In my art gallery you will find images in watercolor, acrylics, crayons, photography, drawings, cartoons, and other types of art. There are many other artist on Fine Art America who are awesome!  Many of my drawings were done as a treatise for my children’s coloring book. “Sparkle A Fun Coloring Book” can be purchased in e-book format  copy at Barns and Noble.

I gave 10 books to a Children Care Center at Cooper Hospital.  They wrote a wonderful letter of how the children enjoyed the book and was able to keep their mind off of their problems. That was a good thing! I love hearing that! Art and music is truly medicine for the body and soul, I believe.   Cooper University Hospital  Oncology Doctors and nurses and other auxiliary personnel gave me the best care when I was very sick with a run-a-way mucin cell that kept reproducing.  It is a rare occurrence that chemo-therapy arrested.

We all have mucin cells but mine was malignant and kept reproducing fluid in my peritoneal area of my abdomen.  So, I guess I’m special in that way. Only 6 or 7 people in the world had it I believe. Thank God I was a Nurse to understand everything they had to do to me.   I didn’t mine cutting my hair at all. I was already a wig person and just waited for my hair to grow in. Now it’s hanging down my back!

Thank you for visiting this site. Do visit again  as I build this site again from this start.


I try to make this a place of home for others to visit.  There’s going to be tips and ideas about almost anything from health, beauty, to saving money and news.  Hopefully, I can find great help resources to share with you.

Do leave a comment when you can.  Because of spam,  if you comment on what is relative to the article or address me by my name (Thelma), your comment will more likely get published.

Thelma Harcum
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