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How Journaling Can Help Organize Your Life

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Journaling To Help Organize Your Life

Hello Readers,

I hope you are have a wonderful day and is chalking up some sun and clean air. It’s a beautiful day here in New Jersey!  The topic for this article is about how journaling can help you organize your life.

I’ve just completed a Life Coaching course and is looking forward to using the tools  for the work I already do as a Nurse and working privately with others who are looking for a life Coach.
In many ways, we all are a life coach to somebody-be it your children, a friend or co-worker. The support of a Personal Life Coach can be very beneficial to

to those individuals who need one. That one-on-one is the special time to focus on a problem.
This is why I believe journaling is so important to you to get started.
After you have bought your journal, pens, and pencils, just remember to first identify your problem and write down what you can do about it. If it’s more than one problem, write them all down and attack the most pressing one or one that need your immediate attention and focus on that one.

Life can be overwhelming and it is no use to stress over it. Do a little at a time and go on to the next time.
Everyday, look at your journal book and check off what you have accomplished. Go out and celebrate your accomplishments and start on the second problem.
One thing you want to remember,

You Can Do It!

is not to go back into old habits of letting the problem escalate again. So check off still your first problem a section if you are maintaining the solution to the old problem.

By focusing on the solution, you will achieve your goals.
Be positive, maintain good health, and know that you can beat this problem, no matter what it is.
Look for resources that can help you. Look for someone, who might have an almost identical situation and support each other in overcoming  the issue. Also, don’t be afraid to seek professional help. Remember, you are not alone and should not feel bad because you are in this situation. Now is the time for growth and development for Your life.   Take the little steps to get it done!

Remember, you are not alone and you can succeed in solving your issues. 

So make Journaling  a big part of your life, for a better one for sure!
Thelma Harcum
If you have questions about Life Coaching that I can help you with, contact me at:

My background is in: Art, children’s Art and Craft Teacher, Music, Medical, Writing, Event Director- Planner and Coordinator , Life Coach
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Journaling For The Joy Of It!

Journaling is fun!  The  joy of journaling  can bring a peace of heart and mind.

Putting words to paper, is a personal expe rience between your thoughts and feelings.

Journaling can be very therapeutic in that writing will give you the time to reflex on your

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life and sometimes find solutions or answers to a specific problem or concern.

Journaling also help you to keep organize.  Do reward yourself of all  you have accomplished for the day, week or month.

Keeping up with your life by journaling can reward you financially ,if you write down how you are spending your money and what you can do to save more.

The other day, I was at the Hobby Lobby Shop with my granddaughter. She is an awesome artist and works in many mediums.  I had bought her some very special art pens, her art teacher had uses in their art class,  that was a bit pricey and some other art supplies that I needed for myself.   I’ve just started going to this store and just love that they have a lot of products to inspire the creative mind.   I asked the lady  at the register if I needed a membership to get saving or could I check to see if they have coupons. She said, no they don’t have memberships but, yes, that she wait for me to google their store and get their coupon.  My granddaughter got it right away and we used it as well letting the lady I let go ahead of us,  use the coupon as well. We both saved $10.00 on our purchases.  It was amazing! This is an example of  why writing and journaling  what is important to you and to have those notes as a reminder.

You can make a special section of your journal a section just for the coupons you should use for the day and plan how to use coupons for future shopping.
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Make journaling a big part of your life and do go back to review some of the events.  You will be surprise how productive you are.
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I was impressed to hear Al Roker  of the Today show mention this morning, how he is going to make  journaling a part of his  New Year resolution .  Writing can be a joy to not only you but to others.  We all need to write more and to write letters to others.  I love the concept of those love notes you would place somewhere for your husband or cute inspirational notes you would put in you child’s lunch box.  Believe me, that is where the real love is. It’s in the Pen and paper, ya’ll.   (my southern instincts are starting to come back).  Maybe, we got this whole love thing wrong-to know that words can paint a beautiful picture of deep emotion, is a WOW!

I remember the day when pen pals was so popular.  Now, what Happened to that!

Happy New Year to everyone and Happy Journaling!  Write somebody!  Write Me!  And put some of that coupon savings in a little coin bank!

Thelma Harcum