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Why Hillary Clinton Lost The Election and Why Donald Trump Won The Election

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What Happened in the 2016 Presidential Election?

Why did Hillary Clinton Lose and Trump Won?

Hello Readers,

Just when you thought that things are calming down from a Presidential election that shock many Americans and Countries around the World, I’m opening up a discussion on this site to have you join on this subject. This is not exactly the site I want to present this forum, however, why not. You just can’t get away from it.
I’m thinking of writing about the subject as a documentation of the event and it’s aftermath in some type of publication, and so I hope you will add something to it as of your opinion.Thelma Harcum from Willingboro, New Jersey wrote on November 29, 2016 at 9:40 am:
Congratulation Hillary!You won the Majority Vote, so now lets get rid of the Electoial College so that you can Be President as you were meant to be!
Four years will go by fast if we can’t get you in NOW!
I would like President Obama to recall the whole election and to throw out the Electoial College in this process so that we can have a president for all the people, which is in the rim of how you believe. Waiting for you. . . . in 2020.
Don’t ever give up. Trump won’t last too long in Washington. His own party really don’t like or want him in their Republican party. Otherwise, it is the people who will determine if he should be impeached or stay. This was the dirtiest Presidential campaign ever with Trump being the master of manipulation and deceit; This is a sign of a very sick person. Many people I’m sure don’t understand how a person could win presidency with a majority electoral vote.
Most people can’t even explain it (electoral college) to others even when they know what it is. So educating the public on this inclusion is important but more important than this is to eliminate the Electoral College. Thank you for all you have done for America and Internationally on the rights of women, children and the community as a whole. Let not your heart be troubled. God is in control and perhaps there is a reason for all of this. Enjoy your family and Beautiful Grand-baby. You have paid your dues to the American Society already. Perhaps this is time for you to relax and let us all see what happens. Thank you, Thank you!!!
There’s a learning experience from all of this. Especially, when they say that a large portion of women voted for Trump of all nationalities and of all races.
Was it all about the Electoral College that really prevented Hillary from winning? Or would you say that people in many parts of the country was just unhappy with parts of the Obama Administration policies on Obama Care or  not seeing an improvement in their lives in general.
Personally, I believe it was for many reasons and surely to God the Electoral College didn’t help
Hillary Clinton.  Even the Republicans are shock that Trump won and asyou can see, they are working hard to get their cabinet together.
What do you think happened? Do you think the country is as divided as we are made to believe?
What do you think?
Please comment and if I use your comment,  you will anonymous in name unless you want to use your real name; whereby, I would ask you permission.

Please respond:  A recording of History of the 2016 Presidential Election
I am surely a fan of the Mother Jones Publications. Review this link to read the latest events of the election and post-election.

by Thelma Harcum
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