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Uneven Skin Tone Solutions


Have you wondered why you don’t have the fresh wake-up look you would love to have?   Well a lot of it could be that you have uneven facial skin tones.  It can be a natural process of aging (melanin pigment increases), a change in the weather, medications, and some underlying condition you might not be aware of.   Always consult your doctor about any sudden skin changes.  From there, he will consult a Dermatologist.

You might wonder why I’m writing this  particular article.  Well, I look at it this way, that the clearer your skin is,  the less makeup you need to wear.  None of us have perfect skin. Not even the Mona Lisa.  As an artist, I know you are not going to find a person with one solid tone of skin color-and if you do, you are in the mist of a dead person-and. . ..that could be bit scary.  So take a good look at yourself and find out what area of your face you want to improve.   On the other hand, there are cosmetics you can use in just those areas to cover up while working on a resolution.   Do remember, that the body is not suppose to be just one color.

You might want to not only look at your skin care routines, but to look at your diet and  your digestive systems.

Your skin is a breathing  organism that excretes and absorbs.  While the liver break down toxins,  some of the excretion is through our skin.

A good  exfoliator  can be  helpful, but not everyday.  Just a basic washing of your skin do remove a lot of shedding skin and oils.  We still need some oils on the skin to soften and to nourish the skin.

Over washing your face can be harmful to your skin.

A few of the tips I would suggest to improve uneven skin tones:

  1. Use a good astringent. Witch Hazel is one that is not as abrasive as some of the others that have more alcohol content.
  2.  Coconut Butter  used in small spreads is great.  It is a natural product that won’t harm you skin.   Do be patient and record your results in a week. You will see an improvement.
  3. Facial mask made with simple oatmeal, honey and water paste can also help to even the tone of your skin and also refine pores.
  4.  Observed if you are being regular with your bowel movement (BM).  Some people say you should be have BM every day, while others say every other day.  Make sure your diet have plenty of fiber with natural foods that you would eat any day. As you get older, or have gone through an illness, your digestive system might slow down.
  5.  Exercise to promote cardio-vascular systems can aid in having healthy skin and rid the body of toxins that is building internally as well as externally
  6.  Water. Drinking  sufficient amount of water is important for the whole body.

There are many other reasons why your skin is blotchy or uneven.  One other reason could be your medications.  Read everything about the medicines you take to not only know the side effects, but to know how it affect the skin.

Know that you are not alone with any skin or health problems.  There is always someone in worst condition than you. But you can always improve on what you have.
So, if you have uneven skin tones, know that you can improve this condition, but do look for a workable solution that you can easily maintain without spending too much money.  And. . . when one area of your face is a problem, up your game and concentrate on another area of your body such as your lips, eyes and even your hair.  You are the author of your body and you can direct this play they way you want it.

Document your success and your failures in reducing  uneven skin tones, but give it time to work.

by Thelma Harcum

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Starting A Journaling Club

Welcome To My Journal Club
Hello Readers,

      I find keeping a personal care journal fun and keeps me focus about what I need to do for myself. If you are keeping a personal care journal, I’m sure you know just what I mean.
You can make it even more enjoyable by sharing tips and resources not only help you, but with others. You might want to encourage your teens to start a personal journal.
Self-improvement starts with the will to want to change your life. We all have room for improvement.
I came up with the idea to start an online journaling Club. I welcome your comments as a start to make this idea exciting and rewarding. I know that many people lack being a part of a group that they are interested in and here is an opportunity to be a part of what we all need to do for ourselves. Mind you, this don’t exclude men and children. Every human being should journal because it really help in more ways then one.
Your comments to this article will be the beginning of the start of the journaling Club. No fees involved and you can start with a comment.
You can comment about anything relevant to the subject or to bring an idea to the table.
If you are just starting, you might want to know how to start.
You can start with a tablet and ink pens or pencils.
One large 5 subject notebook to last a long time.
    Sticker notes are a great idea to have around you to write notes when your tablet is not around or index cards. You can paste or tape into your notebook later. Keep a note book in your car to write down your thoughts or record it on your cell phone to remind you to add in later.
Your Journal book is yours and so you can do what ever you want with it.
I love making the smiley faces when something is accomplishes or there is something I’ve used when I want to stand out.
So,  have fun with your journaling and see how much your life has improved.
Explore how others are journaling. Pinterest at  have pages of samplies of the various styles of journaling.
If you would like to join the start of my off-line jounaling club, send me your name and email address to: Subject: Thelma’s  Journaling Club.  I will set up a special Journaling Newsletter on this site to include you as a subscriber.
I am so thrilled to know that many people are journaling.  Startling a Journaling club will give you an opportunity to share with others and be encouraged  to continue and expand your journaling experiences.
Have the best DAY! Keep journaling!
Don’t forget to leave a comment! Looking forward to hearing from you!

by Thelma Harcum