How To Keeping A Personal Journal



Hello Readers,

Keeping a personal journal is of great importance in that you can manage your personal care and make changes accordingly.

I personally keep 2 journals.  One for all the important events of the day and now a special notebook to write down all of my activities related to my own personal health and needs.

Life can really consume you and you can get lost  in the process of staying on top of YOU!

What do I write in my Person Care Note Book?  Answer: Anything that is important to you.

You can write about all things that pertain to the body inside and outside.

Some of what you can write about are listed below.

  1.      When is the date of your next medical check up.  Getting a Medical Physical is very important. You want to get those lab tests and general physicals to ensure you are healthy.
  2. What is a major problem you want to tackle.  Example:   Addiction to sugar, coffee, and any other source of addition.
  3.    What is a minor problem you want to tackle. This might be something as simple as settling up a schedule to include a program,  such as exercise into your daily routine. We all need to be moving to support your cardio-vascular system; also, exercise build strong muscles that support the bones .
  4. What special care do you want to solve hair issues. Write down what works for you and what don’t.  When you know what works, write it down and stick to it.  Write down the product name and see if you can get a coupon for it to stock up!
  5. You could write about your feet. Do you give your feet special care on a weekly basis. Do your shoes fit well. Do you know your correct size. Shoes is a product you don’t want to skim on monetarily.  Shoes might be the most important part of your personal care because, good fitting shoes not only support body posture, but comfort as well.
  6.  You hair. Make a calendar of your dates  for washing and conditioning hair and note any changes in your hair.  If you feel you are loosing your hair, you might want to use more natural ingredient shampoos and make sure you are getting a balance diet.  It is always good to consultant a dermatologist if you feel the need to do so. Wrapping your hair over using daily hot iron products can give your hair a break it needs.  Always let your Physician know if you have any drastic changes anywhere on your body and if there is any functional changes.  And, how is your digestive system working!
  7.   Each area of our skin is different in texture.  One area might need moisture and another area might need to be more dry.  Drying your skin after your bath can prevent a  lot of problems with fungal developments or skin irritations. Especially under the breast, folds of skin and in between your toes.  I am a fan of powder. I use it for the extra comfort in my shoes and in my socks.
  8.   You can write about what works and put a little smiley face next to it as a reminder.
  9.   You can make plans to share what works for you starting with your immediate family, your children, and friends.   The holiday is coming up and so you can make healthy gift packs by going to  the health foods stores on online networks and find great products.  (I am presently working on getting those healthy packs together to sell with my organic soaps-so check my listing for packages of these products in the very near future.)
  10.   If you are taking medication or vitamins, make a reminder chart of the times you are to take them and to refill them before they run out.
  11.         Make Changes in your shopping, by taking a list with you to the store and to get rid of all the unhealthy foods in your refrigerator except the ones you know you can reduce in amounts and work off.  We all have a sweet tooth, but when you are eating healthier foods, you will have less of the desire to eat unhealthy foods or foods that will add more weight you don’t want.
  12.       Make a drinking water check list and when you check off the daily exercise list, you can check off the drinking water list along with it.  Keep a bottle of water with you at all time.  The body needs water to help to metabolize the foods you eat.  Having a bottle with you at all time is the only reminder you need to drink it.  Especially if you are not a water drinking person.

Enjoy writing your personal care  journal today.

Feel free to comment on how this article and how your personal care journaling is working for you!

by Thelma Harcum

Organic Soaps


Hello Friends and Associates.

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New Plans For Development Of Cosmetic Delights

Hello Friends,

I am working on the details of what I would like this site to be about.

What I want to do is to include inspiring articles on how to better your life- be it about looking great, feeling great or just

learning about some very helpful information that is relative to your well being.

What does it take to set up a niche blog?

1.  A title

2. A definition of what your blog is about

3. Plugins: many of them listed below

4. Commerce

5.  Contact Pages

6.  Social Media

7. Videos (a plugin

8.  Pictures

9.  Ads relative to the subjects

10.  Newsletter

11.  RSS feeds  (a plugin)

12.  Stats

These are  some of what is needed to start a niche blog like Cosmetic Delights For You!


Pushing forward,  I am looking forward to having a blog that is unique and inspiring.

Looking forward to having the site in full swing soon!

Thelma Harcum

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Hello world!


Welcome to my new site called “Cosmetic Delights For You”.
I will be offering beauty products as well as other beauty products within this niche.

I will be selling mostly brand name products you might have used or know of.
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Taking care with yourself important. Skin care is the basic start of looking and feeling good.
Positive thoughts are very important to start to make changes in your life, no matter what it is.

I am looking forward to building a lovely cosmetic site. I will be starting with a few products at a time. I will be buying wholesale where I can offer you great affordable prices.

I presently sell on eBay and to friends and family. I use most all of the products myself and enjoy offering great products to you!

I enjoy using the mineral cosmetics that’s so popular today. It great to get away from the oily cosmetics and let your skin breathe.

There is so much on the market today to choose from, that it’s great to get feedback from the buyers when I’m purchasing products from the wholesalers.

Looking forward to building a friendly and Exciting cosmetic site.
It will take a few days to build. So if you are visiting today, do come back soon as I will be adding more content and cosmetic products.
Welcome to Cosmetic Delights For You!

Thelma Harcum CEO