Art Name Poster Service

Hello All,

I hope you are have a great day and a wonderful week.

I’ve just listed a service of Poster Name Art. My granddaughter,  Nia, create some of the best art ever! She is also gifted in other ways.

This will be a fund-raiser for her to continue to do great art and art innovations that she excels in.  She is also an Honors Student in the Excel Program and an athlete of many sports! You support of such a great artist will be appreciated.

Check out the link and see this listing in my eBay store.

7 Signs That You’re Smarter Than The Average, According To Science

Intelligence is notoriously hard to measure, which is why school performance isn’t always a true indication of an individual’s IQ. For example, we all know the story of how Albert Einstein, one of the most gifted scientists in world history, struggled to learn the traditional way, and as a result did poorly in school. And while… Continue reading 7 Signs That You’re Smarter Than The Average, According To Science

Beating The Heat!!! Hot Tips For Staying Cool rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead essay questions BEATING THE HEAT WAVE!!

essay sunday Hello!
binaere option Many of you is trying to keep cool in this heat wave by many means.äre-optionen-handeln-schweiz binäre optionen handeln schweiz I have one for you! تاجر الفوركس If you have an ice bag, you can wear an extra pair of underwear or shorts (that’s not too tight) from which to tuck in the ice bag. 
dab binäres handeln Near your groin area, you have your heating sensors as well as under your arm. abc binaire opties It works! It should cool you down immediately! You comfort level will go up. You can keep it on for an hour or so at a time and space out an hour for the next go round.
trading online sul petrolio I’m not sure how you keep in place one under your arms except to wrap it around your shoulders and to wear a tee-shirt over it.
binäre option strategie für ein evt lukratives nebeneinkommen If you have long pockets there should be small ice packs you can place in each of your pant pockets.

giocare con le opzioni binarie senza soldi So keep hydrated and keep your body as cool as you can and don’t forget about your pets and fish.

acc 202 csn answers study guide Another way to keep cool is to take cold showers and to give yourself a tepid bath with 1/4 strength alcohol and 3/4 water sponging. It works to help reduce temperatures of anyone.

موقع الخيارات الثنائية So, stay cool and stay alive!äre-optionen-100-startguthaben binäre optionen 100 startguthaben If you get stuck on the highway and you get over heated, consider that a 911 call and ask to be taken to a cooling area. It can be anywhere that have air condition, be it a hospital, diner, mall. Do set the hospital as a first priority to at least get checked out in case you are starting to have a heat stroke. If you start to get confuse,  disoriented, fainted, and stop sweating, this is an emergency! You could be having a heat stroke!

come prelevare soldi opzioni binarie Most of all, look out for others you see that look like they are having signs and symptoms of heat distress of any kind. binaire opties wel of niet Asking, “Are You OK” and waiting for their response, give you an idea if they are stressed by the manner of their speech-listen for slurred speech and inappropriate answer to the question. The person may not know that they are in heat stress and is in need of emergency treatment!

Where, white clothing,  light-colored hats, and loose clothing to help the air to circulate.

White reflect the rays of the sun and black absorbs. Just remembering or being mindful of just that, you can plan for the heat waves and dress your children with  that plan as well.

Children with asthma, elderly, and people with challenging health issues are much more easily to be affected by the heat wave.

nrgbinary That’s it for now. Stay cool. segnali forex affidabili gratis Thelma Harcum, Publisher

How To Prevent Eye Strain

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The Olympic ‘Movement’ That Keeps Athletes Poor: MuckReads Weekly

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RIO OLYMPICS – NBA great Tony Parker looks to crown career with Olympic medal

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Going Vegan Might Flatten Your Stomach

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Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivities Are Real: Study

This article originally appeared on Medical Daily. Celiac disease is the reason why so many people can’t eat bread. The disease is really an autoimmune disorder, meaning every time a patient consumes gluten—a common protein found in wheat, rye, and barley—their immune system attacks the lining of the small intestine; painful digestive problems ensue. But across… Continue reading Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivities Are Real: Study

N.J.’s 20 best wings, for National Chicken Wing Day

Wings, wings, wings, I can’t get enough of them. One of my three desert island foods, along with ribs and donuts. I had wings for dinner the other night, and not to celebrate National Chicken Wing Day, which is today. I just love wings – at a restaurant or bar, or at home, done my way,… Continue reading N.J.’s 20 best wings, for National Chicken Wing Day

Bike Riding Safety/ Do Wear A Helmet

binaire opties boek BIKERS SAFETY

كيفية بدء موقع على شبكة الانترنت مجانا وكسب المال If you are thinking of buying a bike for yourself or even your child, do be mindful of also buying a helmet.

Many serious accidents could have been avoided if they were wearing a helmet.

You can’t underestimate the importance of this very important safety measure.

I remember my sister,  a teenager at the time, was riding her bike without a helmet  felt, and  hit her head on the rail of a railroad track and had a concussion.  Thankfully,  she didn’t suffer any long-term effects from it, but it was very scary.  Thankfully,  someone saw her lying on the ground and was able to get help immediately.

If you know someone who is letting their child ride bikes without a helmet, it could be so kind of you to approach them and let them know how concern you are about their child’s safety.

Check your bike riding safety rules and try to ride with someone in case of an emergency.  Keep your phone handy if doing any long distance bike running-a bottle of water won’t hurt to carry as well.

Know that biking is one of the best exercises you can do to keep healthy.  Building muscle really support the bones to enable you to move effectively.

Look for cracks in the road and small tree branches when riding and always be aware of your surroundings and to bike where you can be seen.

Respecting the traffic light is very important.  What I’m seeing lately is that some bikers are riding their bikes across the street instead of walking with it   to cross  the street.

So,  be safe at all times and remember to learn the biker’s  rules.  I will list resources as I find them.

There should be no excuse for setting the priority of purchasing a helmet for your child.

I bought 2 of them for 2 children recently from Five Below for $5.00 each. It was well worth the money.  I bought another one at Walmart Adult size for someone else.

I can’t wait to buy another bike down the road, because I really love biking. You can believe a helmet is on the same order.

If you happen to get to the New Jersey shores, and get up at 6 am in the morning, there are lots of bike rental places everywhere.  There’s nothing like it to smell the fresh air and to hear the sound of the seagulls as the spread their white wings about searching for food on the beach and on the boardwalk, while biking.   The seagulls have become so brazen to get what you are eating, you have to be careful they don’t snatch your food. Feeding them is not encouraged.

You might want to bring your own helmet from home when you go on vacation.
Here is a link to learn more about bike safety.
Thelma Harcum